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Want to schedule a great seminar, webinar or speaking engagement for your organization? Contact us to schedule one of these or lets plan a special, customized topic based on your needs.

BUILD A HIGH-FIVE KIND OF TEAM -  Earn the four stages of team development, what happens in each and what's needed from you, the manager in each stage - Learn why conflict is the most valued part of building a team - Set expectations that drive your team toward success - Understand the difference between planning and execution - Assess your team's performance in each of 8 critical areas - Bring out the best in each team member


HANDLE DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS WITH CONFIDENCE  -  Turn dreaded conversations into ones that improve your relationship - Don't lie awake practicing what to say - instead learn the foolproof scripting technique - Find out how to diffuse anger in others - Use verbal cues and body language to your advantage -  Learn the five styles of dealing with conflict and which one to use effectively


HOSTING MEETINGS PEOPLE WANT TO ATTEND!  -  Out with the long, boring, contentious, and unproductive - In with short and to the point, interesting, engaging, cooperative, productive and helpful - Set the stage with the right kind of meeting prep and send invitations that bring people in - Learn facilitation skills that get work done and people out the door in record time - Learn The Four P's of successful meetings - Get great tips for telephone meetings - Identify the right meeting goals and match the process to the meeting goal


MANAGING YOUR PEOPLE THROUGH A CHANGE PROCESS  -  Lead change in ways that people will want to follow - Differentiate project management from people management in the change process - Know and include the key factors in every change management plan - Understand the difference between managing change and just letting it happen - Understand the three phases of change, what to expect in each phase and how to manage people differently in each phase - How to make use of a "transition team" to assure success


GET THEM THERE FASTER AND BETTER - COACHING AND MENTORING SKILLS  -  Close the gap on the Ladder of Skills - Be the kind of mentor they want to listen to - Help them understand themselves and how to capitalize on their strengths - Help them remove their stumbling blocks - Create achievable expectations and know how to help them along the way to success


STRESS IS AN INSIDE JOB!  -  Explore the 19 thinking patterns that affect your stress level and coping strategies for each - Find out how many of the 11 irrational beliefs are plaguing your thinking and creating stress - Expose your evil twin - your self-talk - and learn how to re-script - Discover what role myths are sending you down the wrong road - Change the physiological damage stress is doing to your body - Walk away with a plan your can start the next day


GIVE YOURSELF THE EDGE WHEN IT'S PROMOTION TIME!  -  Find out the $25,000 piece of advice to manage your time effectively - Create plans that work and execute them flawlessly - Learn what to do about the conflicts that won't go away - Identify your own strengths and capitalize on them! - Spiff up your professional image - Listen first - speak later - Take feedback with grace and turn it into gold

TRANSITIONING TO RETIREMENT OR A CAREER CHANGE  - Transitioning into retirement can evoke all kinds of thoughts and emotions. It can be exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Become familiar with the three phases you will experience as you navigate this important
change in your life. Explore and understand what you will be letting go of in your transition and find positive ways to let go. Approach this time with creativity and explore four different transition models for retirement. Examine ways to take care of yourself through the process. Receive a workbook with tools to help you through the transition and create a future that will truly satisfy you.


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