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Joy offers a variety of popular and helpful speaking topics to groups, in person or via webinars, that educate, encourage and motivate professionals to advance their organizations and careers.

Here’s a sample of available topics.  Just contact us for full descriptors  on any of these topics:


  • Everything Is Negotiable – Do It Skillfully!

  • Handle Difficult Conversations With Confidence

  • Position Yourself For Career Growth

  • Coaching And Mentoring Skills For Leaders

  • Quick-Start Your New Leadership Role

  • Managing The People Side Of Change

  • Be A Strategic Thinker

  • Results Through Goal-Setting And Feedback Series:

    • Effective Goal-Setting

    • Connecting Goal-Setting With Feedback

    • Giving And Receiving Effective Feedback

    • Feedback As A Gift To Others

  •  Conflict Series:

    • Mediating Employee Conflict

    • 5 Conflict Styles And When To Use Each

  • Manage “Up” – Working Effectively With Superiors

  • Enhance Your Time Management

  • Working Through The 4 Stages Of Team Development

  • Stress Is An Inside Job

  • Your Transition Through A Career Change Or Into Retirement


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