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Our Professional Growth Articles include tips, insights, and career advice for you and for working and communicating effectively with others.

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Nov 2016: Step into Leadership from the Top Turkey

Mar 2017: How to Offer Feedback Constructively

April 2017: How Do You Handle Others’ Mistakes and Failure

May 2017: Productivity Doesn’t Need a Vacation

Oct 2017: Don’t Wait Until They’re Gone

Dec 2017: Leaders – The Gift of Helping Them Grow

June 2018: Top Down and Bottom Up Goal Alignment

July 2018: Manage UP!

Sept 2018: The Dangerous Waters of Intent vs. Impact

Oct 2018: Dynamic Presentations – Conquer the Podium

Mar 2019: The Secret to Recognition as a Leader

Apr 2019: The Mental Shift from Subject Matter Expert to Manager

June 2019: Listening Leaders

June 2020: Our Workers Need Compassion, Empathy,                                               Understanding and Perspective-taking

July 2020: Appreciation in the Workplace

Aug 2020: Sometimes You Have to Be the Boss Part I

Sept 2020: Sometimes You Have to Be the Boss Part II

Oct 2020: Sometimes You Have to Be the Boss Part III

July 2021: Delegation Made Easy – With Great Results

Dec 2021: Finding the Balance - Between Supportive Manager                                & Micromanager

Jan 2022: Self-Evaluation for Direct-Reports

Mar 2022: Deliver Difficult Feedback Part I
Apr 2022: Deliver Difficult Feedback Part II
Aug 2022: Step Back and Start Fresh: Questions to  Consider

Jan 2023: What’s Working Well & What Could Work Better
Feb 2023: When Your Team is Rejecting Your Ideas to Move Forward
May 2023: Give Credit & Elevate the Ideas of Others
Nov 2023: Organizations Need Leaders Who Grow Talent


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