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Learn, Communicate, Connect

Would you like to schedule a complimentary 

coaching session with Joy?

We help organizations achieve their mission by maximizing everyone's contribution.  We do that through a common language, facilitated conversations, workshops and coaching.

Effective communication is the single most important skill for all of this to be accomplished.


Personal breakthroughs lead to business breakthroughs.  We give you the tools, confidence and courage to breakthrough conflicts, difficult conversations and negotiations that lead to unexpected levels of success.



Kacik Consulting Services is our two partner training and organization development practice providing services to public, private, profit and non-profit organizations and companies. Kacik Consulting Services, LLC clients are located throughout the United States, including, Missouri, Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and throughout New England.


We provide custom-designed meetings, retreats and trainings based upon the specific needs and goals of your organization.  We also provide individual coaching for personal effectiveness, leadership or negotiations.  Please contact us with your ideas.

We often start organizational development and coaching initiatives with the use of Insights Discovery®, a user-friendly profile that enables our clients to enhance their self-awareness to adapt and connect better with others.  For a quick introduction to Insights Discovery view this short video at


How can we be of help to you, your team or your organization?  With years of experience in organization development, negotiations, management and creative approaches to "people work", we can help you find better solutions to what you want and need to do.

How Can We Be Of Assistance?

•    Breakthrough Conversations

•    Leadership Development 

•    Team Development 

•    Negotiations Training, Coaching or Facilitation

•    Employee and Executive Coaching

•    Personal Career Coaching

•    Strategic Planning Design and Facilitation

•    Keynote Addresses

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