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Coming Up on May 6, 2017!  "Handle Difficult Conversations with Confidence"

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Descriptor :   Turn dreaded conversations into ones that improve your relationship.  Don't lie awake practicing what to say - instead learn the foolproof scripting technique.

* Use the "Ladder of Inference" to avoid and resolve conflict

* Learn the "5 Styles of Dealing with Conflict" and which ones to use

   for each specific situation

* Principles for successful difficult conversations
* Find out how to diffuse anger in others 
* Create safety in conversations
* 3 Reasons difficult conversations fail
* Five myths about conflict

Location: Bryant University

Smithfield, Rhode Island

Room MRC4 in the UniStructure Building 

Campus map (#53) here:

May 6, 2017 - 8:00-12:00

Tuition $25.00

Presented by Joy Kacik of Kacik Consulting Services LLC

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